“We love distraction” – Big Tim

Now I have always liked Tim Robbins as an actor and as a musician not so much. I saw him in 2006 (pic below) with Pearl Jam and I wasn’t impressed. However, a friend of Eddie’s is a friend of mine. Anyway, Tim Robbins had some important things to say the other night.

“We love distraction,” he said, reading from a speech the organizers reportedly tried to talk him out of giving. “I don’t know about you, but show me a starlet without panties getting out of a car, and suddenly the world seems like a better place. Show me ‘Knight Rider’ drunk on the floor eating a hamburger, and I won’t ask why my kid has no health insurance. Let’s stop burdening people with facts.

A few people walked out, but Robbins finished to a standing ovation. And regardless of opinions, he did succeed in raising a powerful question, made more poignant by the acres of gadgets on the exhibit floor: Why, in an era of mind blowing media technological advances, does good content sometimes seem to lag so far behind?


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