On to Radiohead I go…

I’m off to see Radiohead in San Diego tomorrow for the second time in four years w/my good friend Sheary. We did this same trip back then.

I’ve been looking up Radiohead crap for the pass hour while listening to them and I am as excited as I will ever be. They are one of my all time favorite bands and they have written two of my all time favorite albums – OK Computer, In Rainbows. You know if you had a list of 10 albums you could take to heaven w/you type shit. Then OK Computer would be the sole album (if I only had one to share w/the man upstairs) and their latest release In Rainbows would have to fall in the bulk of the ten (along w/the Mars Volta first, Pearl Jam’s Yield, VS, Vitalogy, the last Unkle and Brand New album, ATLiens, etc.)

Thom Fun Fact (this is great!).

Yorke made headlines the same year for refusing Prime Minister Tony Blair’s request to meet with him to discuss climate change, declaring Blair had “no environmental credentials”. Yorke has subsequently been critical of his own energy use. He has said the music industry’s use of air transport is dangerous and unsustainable, and that he would consider not touring if new carbon emissions standards do not force the situation to improve. Radiohead commissioned a study by the group Best Foot Forward which the band claims helped them choose venues and transport methods that will greatly reduce the carbon expended on their 2008 tour.

Check the track attached and the videos here:

Anyway, I was excited so I thought I would share (besides it’s a break from the politics) and this gives an answer to “What have you been up to?”

I will have pictures for you when I return.


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