Dr. Ralph Borka Group & Family Therapy

In Part One of Group & Family Therapy, I introduce you to my clients: Sean, Anthony, Nathan and Erick. They are members of a music group called “Atmosphere.”

This video demonstrates how the behavior of each group member affects both the emotional reactions of the other individuals and the effectiveness of the group as a whole. You will see how the encouragement of direct dialogue between members of the group helps them to effectively communicate and resolve their interpersonal conflicts. The series of videos will show how a variety of therapeutic techniques change the dynamics of the group to create more synergistic creative energy.

I hope you find these videos instructive in your own psychotherapy practices.

Learn more: http://www.ralphborka.com

In Part Two of Group & Family Therapy, I help the band explore their feelings related to their creative process as a group. I have created an exercise to empower each group member to express visually how they feel when creating music together.

Helping each member to find new ways to share their feelings is an important step to further communication among the group. Sometimes, crayons and paper are more powerful than words.

Again, I hope you find these videos instructive in your own psychotherapy practices.


In Part Three of Group & Family Therapy, I continue to work with Atmosphere to address their feelings regarding collaboration and working together. Tensions can arise during these sessions when a member of the group voices criticism of another member, as you will see in this video segment between Sean and Nate. It is important for the therapist to guide talks in order to facilitate conflict resolution. An apology is not always necessary, but encouraging members to acknowledge another group member’s positive contributions is always a sign of progress towards honest mutual validation.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these instructional psychotherapy videos. Don’t forget to watch the first two parts of my video series and click the link at the top of http://www.ralphborka.com to order my VHS tapes.


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