Queens Of The Stone Age and Homme talk about Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age take a humorous and revealing look at crafting their latest album, “…Like Clockwork,” with Elton John, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and British graphic artist Boneface.


6_frank 6_shields 6_untitled5 11_untitled 15_beachhead2 15_bluevan 15_cannibal 15_enemy 15_helle 16_eye 16_logo 16_mohawk 16_whiterabbit 166061_3379233_lz 225030_3043119_lz 291460_9966869_lz 293052_13863034_b 581451_4451767_lz 1004812_418723321565062_1542313467_n 1506322_10152233437002806_1102881894_o bone1 BoneFace boneface_01 boneface_02 BoneFace_QOTSA_VIDEO_SS boneface_untitled_small boneface-iron-man cc0b19bee23134857c9d15d686ba4511 Nosebleed_page_5_by_boneface roulette_small


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