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Red Bull Signature Series : Ultra Natural 2013 FULL TV EPISODE 3

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Red Bull Ultra Natural – the ultra-progressive snowboard competition evolves once again as Travis Rice and 15 of the world’s top riders prepare to drop into the ultimate course designed to crown the world’s best all-around snowboarder.

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Pat Moore Videos (2012-2013)

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Get a deeper look into Pat’s world! In the premiere episode of Blueprint, Pat Moore and the crew tear up Quebec on the hunt for new terrain to ride in Pat’s new Volcom Snowboarding film project. Tune in to see Pat Moore’s evolving style and witness some solid handrail riding from his French Canadian friends Nic Sauve and LNP.

It’s not usually a good idea to make assumptions, but when you’re about to watch a part containing the riding of Pat Moore, it’s a pretty safe bet you can set your expectations high. In his #IP3 debut, Pat delivers and then some, per usual. Whether he is navigating steeps or steel, this New Hampshire Dirt has no problem conquering megalith-sized features and doing so with good style. Enjoy the latest video in Volcom’s #IP3.

This week’s Introspect follows Pat Moore on the road to Mammoth and Utah, reminding us that snowboarding isn’t just about contests and video parts. Find out how Pat stays productive while traveling, how he approaches filming and what lines he draws between being a professional snowboarder and just having fun.

Music: “Proceed From Within” by Dark Brown 4, “Projector” by Rev 9, “Slow Burning Crimes” by Rev 9, “Lunesta” by Dustin Lovelis, and “Sunshine Girl” by Nicholas Burke Cramer

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Burton presents Street Snowboarding

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My friends and I snowboarding at Meadows

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Penis Pals snowboarding at Meadows

Firsthand: Danny Kass (Hailing from Portland, OR)

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Snowboarder Danny Kass heads from Mammoth to Mt. Hood Oregon for the High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Burton Abominable Snow Jam.

Jeremy Jones

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