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Todd McFarlane Talks Spawn Reboot

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Back in 1997 Spawn opened to mixed reviews which eventually lead to lackluster VHS and DVD Sales. It’s not that the fan base wasn’t there, because Spawn fans are very loyal, or that the movie was bad because it definitely wasn’t, it’s more that people just didn’t totally get it…or at least the majority didn’t.

But now just, some 14 years later, Todd McFarlane, the creator of the supernatural comic which spawn is based on is ready for the reboot. McFarlane has already gotten to work on writing the screenplay and is reportedly hope to make a dark, low budget action film similar to Alien and Jaws!

Don’t expect some special effect movie featuring a super villain though, that’s not what McFarlane is going for. He’s apparently more into an urban psychological story with a small budget and a main character who doesn’t talk but is more of a force of nature…that of course would be spawn…or “it” as McFarlane calls him/her/it. Whatever.

He seems to be getting some push back though from Hollywood types who can’t quite wrap their head around a main character who doesn’t speak. But that’s where McFarlane points to both Alien and Jaws as seriously successful films who implemented the same strategy.

Other than that he just wants to create a movie that gets people’s hearts racing, and is scary instead of super. Which means no batman, no spiderman, and nothing to avenge or be the captain of. Just pure creepiness. Like, in McFarlane’s words, a batman who kills the Joker!


Chris Sander on the ill and Todd Mcfarlane on the ink.

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I’ve owned this since I was 10

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Art by: Todd Mcfarlane